Counselling Services.
Our counselling services are based on cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) . This is a commonly used approach for treating mental health problems. Our therapy help one to identify challenge and overcome negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Types of counselling services offered.
💎 Individual counselling: One on one therapy can help solve personal problems. It is often easier to share your concerns and you get the full attention of your therapist. In result, it helps us better understand you.

💎Couple counselling: Sometimes, couples have a hard time talking and most often than not there are different reasons for that. It is certainly never too late to start therapy. Importantly, if you think your marriage is going through a storm and your are not sure how to get through it, we can help.

💎Group counselling:  We offer group counselling therapy. This is an open space where consenting individuals going through similar life events share their issues in a group to learn from and with each other. This helps to better understand your problems.

Other  services include:
💎Children counselling:

💎Youth empowerment and mentorship program

💎Work place programs.

Our approach

♦️Live sessions
We do live Sessions which are available as videos, voice only or text. This gives a perfect opportunity to get instant guidance and support.
You can always send us messages with questions, thoughts or ideas.
♦️Journals and Activity plans. These tools helps the client in tracking days activities and also in increasing chances of accomplishing set goals.